Top 6 Best Cheap Gaming Graphics Card in 2016

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GeForce-GTX-780A video card is an expansion card that translates information into pixels on the screen. It generates a feed of output images to display. Graphic cards connect to the motherboard via the ISA, MCA, PCI, PCI-Express among others. They display via HDMI, S-Video VGA connector, Component Video and more. It is the star component in your gaming computer. It acts as the second processor. There are different types of graphics cards. They are classified as Integrated, Mid-range and High-End Graphics Cards. However, the new gaming technology requires powerful cards. You need a high end GPU if you want take your gaming experience to the next level. A high end video card improves the quality of visual effects. It provides your computer with a significant increase in performance. A graphics card should be high on your priority list when building a new gaming PC. A GPU determines how far you can push your visual settings. There are many cards with different capabilities offered at different prices. These are provided by different manufacturers with different sets of technology. The problem is that many of them claim pixel-push perfection. The selection process can be very demanding. The latest products are offered at a high price but provide excellent performance. They use advanced technologies to keep the whole component cool and silent. They save a lot of power and increase performance significantly. Most high quality cards range within $100 to $1000. Reputable manufacturers include NVIDIA and AMD. They provide upgrades to allow their products to support current games and other powerful applications.

Type of Products for graphics card

1 (1)Choosing a new graphics card for your existing PC depends on the games you want to play and the screen resolution. Integrated Graphic Solutions are suitable for web based and casual games. However, popular games like World of Warcraft require recent Intel or AMD integrated graphics chip. These are found in 5th and 6th generation processors. Mainstream Graphics cards allow you to play on higher resolution screens than 1080p. These are meant for a 4K monitor. AMD and NVIDIA make up the GPUs in the current mainstream cards. Midrange offers by NVIDIA are GeForce GTX 750 Ti, GTX 950 and GTX 960 GPUs. The AMD offers are Radeon models in the R7 series and a few cheaper R19 series below $200. High-End Graphics Cards cost more than $200. They make your games look good at any screen resolution. These powerful cards keep the frame rate smooth while playing games on 1080 4k resolution. They allow the system to handle virtual reality titles. You may need to spend more for graphics cards for maximum gaming performance. AMD High-end cards are R9 cards within its Radeon 200 and 300 series. The NVIDIA high-end cards include; GeForce GTX 970 and upwards including GeForce GTX 970. They provide bus types that provide connection to your best 1150 motherboard for gaming.

Buying Guide

Comparing price and performance is the main criteria of selecting a video graphics card for gaming PC. The prices range as low as $50 all way up to $1,000 and beyond. There are new cards manufactured with new technologies. Graphic cards based on the latest 14/16 nm are in high demand. New GPU`s are associated with great power, efficiency and relatively high prices. The best solution is to go for the most expensive when choosing the best. AMD low cost GPUs are preferred to Titan X. Currently, we have the GTX 1070 and 1080 GB from NVIDIA as the latest cards. They are a great replacement for GTX Titan X especially for expensive gamers. They are powered by Pascal technology which provides exceptional performance. They are silent and cool during operation. They also save a lot of power. Any GTX card starting from 750 offers a good performance at a fair price. Based on NVIDIA`s Maxwell architecture, GTX 750Ti SC is the affordable card that packs the latest technology. You also need to choose the rest of your parts wisely after finding the perfect-match GPU. An Ultra HD monitor requires a high end graphics card. Top graphics are offered at a fair price compared to their level of performance. The best cheap gaming graphics card encompasses any cards with exceptional features offered at a comparatively low price.

Top products comparison chart of Graphics Cards for Gaming 2016


ModelEVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti SCNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060MSI GeForce GTX970 OCEVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSCEVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTWEVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW
Bus TypePCI-Express 3.0PCI Express*16 3.0PCI-Express 3.0PCI-Express 3.0PCI-Express *16PCI-Express *16
Memory Detail2048MB GDDR5 6GB GDDR5 4GB GDDR5 4096MB GDDR5 8192MB GDDR58192MB GDDR5X
Memory Bit 128 Bits 192 Bits 256 Bits 256 Bits 256 Bits 256 Bits
Memory Bandwidth Width86.4 GB/s192.2GB/s 224.4GB/s224.3GB/s256.3GB/s320GB/s 
Memory Clock5400 MHz8100 MHz7012 MHz 7010 MHz8008MHz10008MHz
CUDA Cores 640 Units 1280 UnitsN/A1664 UnitsN/AN/A
Recommended PSU400W or more500W500W500W or more 600W600W
Display Output2 DVI`s and 1 Mini-HDMIDisplay Port*3 version 1.4 , HDMI 2.0, DL-DVI-D1 DVI, 1HDMI and 3 Display Ports 3*Display Port 1.2, HDMI and DVI-I1HDMI, 3 Display Ports and 1 DVI1 HDMI, 3 Display ports and 1 DVI
Dimensions6.7 by 1.5 by 4.4 Inches13.6 by 10.6 by 3.3 Inches11 by 5.6 by 1.5 Inches10.1 by 4.4 by 2 Inches 10.5 by 1.5 by 5.1 Inches10.5 by 1.5 by 5.1 Inches
Weight1.8 pounds3.3 pounds 3 pounds3 pounds3 pounds3 pounds
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EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti SC Graphics Card

best cheap gaming graphics card

EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti SC


This graphics card is a PCI-E 3.0 type from the reputable manufacturer, EVGA. This graphics card provides you with the gaming power for Full 1080p HD pictures. It delivers more performance than previous-generation cards. The NVIDIA Maxwell next-generation design provides double power efficiency. The card is loaded with many gaming technologies like GeForce Experience, G-SYNC and GameStream. GTX 750Ti SC provides a hyper-realistic game plays with stunning visuals. This is a perfect card for playing games at higher resolution. You can play games at 35 to 60 fps. This card doesn’t seem to really get hot. It draws less power, 60w and the funs run quieter. The card is easy to install and use. It does not run on external power. It supports NVIDIA Shadow-play, a video recording software similar to Fraps or DXTroy. The overclocking is easy. It comes with the EVGA Precision X, a program which allows you to boost the card performance. It plays about anything with ease. The price below $150 is a cheap for this level of performance. It is easily the best cheap gaming graphics card. It is the best option for anyone stuck on how to build the best gaming pc under $1000. It allows you to upgrade your PC tower.

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MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Card

best cheap gaming graphics card



The GAMING X 6G features the Twin Frozr VI thermal design provides exceptional air cooling. This updated version of the Torx Fan 2.0 technology provides more air pressure with a better cooling performance and reduced noise. The fans have a double bearing for a smooth and long lasting operation. Copper heat pipes are connected at the bottom of the sink. These are used for optimal heat transfer from the nickel-copper base plate to keep the entire unit cool. It provides customized LEDs which can be controlled by the animations effects available in the MSI Gaming App. It responds to gaming sounds and music with steady light, breathing and flashing. This card provides more than 60 fps for 1080 display. This card performs similar to GTX 980 which costs more. The air cooling technology allows you to game for long periods without overheating.

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EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC Gaming ACX 2.0+ Cooling Graphics Card

best cheap gaming graphics card

EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC Gaming ACX 2.0+


The GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0 + fun style turns off below 60 degrees Celsius. It includes a Db Noise Inverter which provides a quitter running. It generates no noise at medium running and whispers silently when gaming. The heat pipes offer greater heat dissipation up to 6 percent. The double bearing rings, Memory MOSFET cooling plate and straight heat pipes are responsible in providing a cool running. The cooling plate makes direct contact with the memory and VRM thus reducing temperature by 14 and 47 percent respectively. The optimized power target technology reduces power consumption. This card benchmarks more than 2 times faster. It runs at 80 fps better than 780 TI at less than half the price. The three flavors of cooling and reduced fan noise ensure the safety of the card for long gaming periods.

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MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 970 4GB OC DirectX 12 VR Ready Graphics Card

best cheap gaming graphics card



The MSI GTX 970 OC GPU is designed with Twin Frozr V technology. This provides cooler and quieter gaming. Twin Frozr V is smaller and features smaller fans that generate less noise. It keeps the graphics card and its components cooler. The cooling performance is improved by 17 percent. It also matches perfectly with your gaming motherboard and includes a funky lightening. MSI 970 OC includes a new air flow technology that guides more airflow into the pipes using deflectors. The GPU is cooled by the nickel based copper plate connected to the Super pipes. The exclusive heat sink design pipe layout increases efficiency. The high clock speeds provides maximum performance. The game setting can be adjusted quickly for your visual needs. You can reduce the blue light balance on your screen to sleep and rest. It is a gorgeous and must have for someone looking on how to build a best gaming pc for less than $500. It runs cool and produces a lot of power with the overclocking ability. Even when they are stressed up you can barely hear the fans. The fans don’t spin while gaming. The price is fair given the level of efficiency.

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EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW GAMING ACX 3.0 Graphics Card

best cheap gaming graphics card



The EVGA GTX 1070 includes the ACX 3.0 cooling technology. This card features the NVIDIA`s Pascal graphics card as the most advanced gaming GPU. It provides next-generation virtual reality. The ACX 3.0 coolers provide the best cooling technology. This consists of increased heat pipes, optimized fans and an increased surface area copper plate. The motor delivers more air flow with less power. This GPU allows complete control of the color from EVGA PrecisionX OC. The card is well built with a modern design. The case is well insulated. The noise is negligible at high loads. The card is capable of 212 fps on 1080 HD gaming. The price is fair given the modern design and performance.

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EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW GAMING ACX3.0 Graphics Card

best cheap gaming graphics card



This new graphics card also features NVIDIA`s new Pascal graphics processor. This is a beast gaming graphics card. This GPU delivers great performance with the new gaming technology. The EVGA ACX cooling technology includes SHP 2.0 with increased copper and heat pipes contact area for cooler running. The fan also provides a cooler operation. The ACX 3.0 features an optimized swept fan blades, low power monitor and double ball bearings. These deliver more airflow with less power. This reserves more power for the GPU. The 10 CM and RGB LED are used to control color from the EVGA PrecisionX OC. It is the best GTX 1080 card out right now. It is sizable and has a sleek design especially the back plate. It is capable of 60 fps on BF4 in 4K with all ultra-settings. The clock boosts automatically to over 2000MHz with a quitter performance. The OC app is updated for Pascal for improved performance. The PrecisionX app provides a cool RGB color settings. This is the best option for anyone looking on how to build the best gaming PC under 1000. It is pricey but worth the money.

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A video graphics card for gaming PC is important is enhancing your display. It should be at the top of your list while constructing a gaming PC. The card of choice for your gaming PC depends on the type of game and screen resolution. Technological advancement has produced high quality games. Most of them are based on 4k and 1080p pictures. Full HD games require high-end GPUs to run smoothly. The selection of the best cheap gaming graphics card depends the relation between price and performance. There are many products in the market. This makes it hard for one to choose the ideal one. However, a high price is a good indicator of good quality. High-end cards are offered at high price but they are considered fairly priced due to the exceptional performance. Most new cards have improved efficiency. They consume less power and produce less noise. They don’t over heat and clock high frame rates due to high memory and frequency. NVIDIA`s GeForce GTX 750 and more are the best options when you want to upgrade your PC for gaming. The GTX 1070 and 1080 are equipped with new technology that provides exceptional performance.