Privacy policy

Thank you for vis­it­ing my web­site. This page tells you how I use per­sonal in­form­a­tion col­lec­ted here. Please read this pri­vacy policy be­fore using the site or sub­mit­ting any per­sonal in­form­a­tion. By using the site, you ac­cept the prac­tices de­scribed in this pri­vacy policy.

No use of cookies and tracking

My web­site does not use any cook­ies and does not track you in any way. I re­spect the pri­vacy of my vis­it­ors, and neither I nor any third parties keep track of your activ­ity on this web­site (note, however, that third party ser­vices used by the web­site, such as Dis­qus for com­ments, may use their own track­ing cook­ies to allow you to log in and in­ter­act with the web­site).

I may oc­ca­sion­ally (once in a few months) run an ex­per­i­ment that al­lows me to bet­ter un­der­stand how my vis­it­ors use this web­site and, con­sequently, make im­prove­ments to it. Such an ex­per­i­ment re­quires set­ting up track­ing cook­ies for a short period of time, which are com­pletely an­onym­ous, and all data re­lated to your visit are de­leted after the ex­per­i­ment has fin­ished.

Amazon Associates Program

This web­site is a par­ti­cipant in the Amazon Ser­vices LLC As­so­ci­ates Pro­gram. This means, in par­tic­u­lar, that if you fol­low a link to or any other na­tional ver­sion of Amazon web­site and then buy any­thing within 24 hours, I will re­ceive a small per­cent­age of what you pay to Amazon (but your price will stay ex­actly the same).

Collection of personal information

I only col­lect per­son­ally iden­ti­fi­able in­form­a­tion, such as names or email ad­dresses, when vol­un­tar­ily sub­mit­ted by my vis­it­ors. This in­form­a­tion is only used to ful­fil your spe­cific re­quest (e.g. pur­chas­ing my books or sign­ing up to my news­let­ters). I never share any in­form­a­tion with third parties, un­less re­quired by the law.